Sightseeing Tours Portugal

Visiting Portugal is to discover a remarkably diverse country. Intimately linked with the sea, the country has more than 800 kilometers of Atlantic Ocean coastline, from rugged cliffs to balmy sandy beaches. The capital, Lisbon, is one of the coolest cities of Europe, steeped in history but modern and trendy.

The country’s interior blends dramatic northern mountain ranges with the vast rolling plains of the country's sun baked central regions. Throughout the country are beautifully preserved mediaeval villages, enchanting towns, and cosmopolitan cities where historic palaces and castles, museums and monasteries are waiting to be explored.

And traveling to Portugal can also mean a visit to the sub-tropical island of Madeira or the tranquil Azores.


Porto Lisbon Tour

Porto & Lisbon - The Great Cities Tour

8 Days

This Tour will give the best of the two major cities of Portugal, both steeped in history, yet vibrant and modern at the same time. The tour has many highlights and includes walks to iconic spots, a river trip in the Douro River and a visit to a Port Lodge.

Bus Tour Portugal

The Grand Tour Of Portugal - By Bus

15 Days

This imaginatively designed tour is a living travelogue through the best of Portugal. We journey through the cultural history of this fascinating country from the beaches and dramatic cliffs of the Algarve, ancient villages and high mountains of the interior to the far north where Portugal was born. On the way we will visit iconic cities and monuments, appreciate the fantastic scenery and enjoy great food and wine.